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Title: Do Add-ons Need a Market Place

The browser vendors are the primary distribution hubs for Add-on's. Getting on the recomended list can be the difference between 100 or 1,000's of daily downloads. The current hubs provide no real method to facilitate a transaction and last year's Add-on-Con uncovered that most add-ons are trying to monitize using the same techniques as websites.

The opportunity to sell software directly to the end consumer is currently not an option. Even though add-on vendors have to deal with the same issues as packaged software vendors, such as downloads, instalation and support.

The opening keynote will explore the benfits, to the add-on community, of converting the current distribution hubs into payment systems.


Moderated by Robert Reich (OneRiot)

Eric Jung (FoxyProxy) James Joaquin (xmarks), Chirs Finke (finke), James Pratt (Microsoft), Justin Scott (Mozilla)

The Future of the Web Browser
Description The browser wars are heating up and add-ons are set to be a major part of any platform's success. The closing keynote is all about understanding what is coming next. So join us and be in on the future. Miss it and you will be six months behind!
Presenters Moderated by Douglas Crockford (Yahoo)

Brian Rakowski (Google), Charles McCathieNevile (Opera), Mike Shaver (Mozilla) and James Pratt (Microsoft)

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