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Business Marketing Tracks
Title: Using your Add-On to help publishers, OEMs, carriers, and others create value

1) Identifying and targeting partners (publishers, OEMs, etc.)

2) Identifying and understanding your partner's objectives
- revenue (by driving search traffic)
- engagement (by getting users to return to their site)
- reach (by driving distribution)

3) Matching partner needs and objectives to what your add-on can do

4) Selecting your method(s) of distribution

Presenters Joseph Bou-Younes (Yahoo), Adam Boyden (Conduit), Patrick Murphy (BrandThunder)
Title The Future of the Firefox Add-on Ecosystem.

With thousands of add-ons used by hundreds of millions worldwide, the Firefox Add-ons ecosystem is changing the way people use the web.  Over the past year, initiatives like the Contributions Pilot, Developer Hub, Collections, and the site-wide AMO redesign have grown interest and participation by users and developers alike.
Join this panel to learn more about the last year in Firefox add-ons and what the next year holds for the Firefox add-ons community!

Presenters Aza Raskin (Mozilla), Justin Scott; (Mozilla) Chris Finke (add-on developer)
Title Distribution Choices for Add-on's.

Each browser vendor has created an add-on gallery that provides rich distribution opportunities for add-on developers. But these channels have their limits.

Join representatives from W3i, Conduit, and OpenCandy to discuss opportunities and techniques for growing your distribution channel and gaining broader adoption of your add-on.


Moderator Alec Jeung (cooliris)

Ryan Weber (W3i), Adam Boyden (Conduit), Chester NG (OpenCandy)

2:10 - 3:00
Title Working With The IE Add-Ons Gallery
Description In this session Internet Explorer Product Manager James Pratt will take you on a tour of the Internet Explorer Add-ons gallery to help you take advantage of the largest community of web users on Windows!
Presenters James Pratt (Microsoft)
Title Supporting an Add-on Strategy with a Website
Description Complimenting an add-on with a website provides benefits that an add-on strategy alone can not provide.

Whether it's creating additional customer acquisition pathways - from organic search to passed links - or lowering the conversion friction, learn how leading developers are using websites to compliment an add-on strategy.

Presenters Alec Jeung (cooliris), Alex Iskold - (adaptiveblue), Todd Agulnick (xmarks),
Jayson Ayers- (OneRiot)
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