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Technical Tracks
Title: Designing High Quality Add-ons in Internet Explorer

This talk covers the best practices for writing add-ons in Internet Explorer. We’ll describe the intricacies of the browser’s architecture and its evolution through recent features like Protected Mode and Loosely Coupled IE. We’ll also discuss a set of improvements and guidelines for add-ons that will optimize its performance, reliability and compatibility in Internet Explorer.

Presenter Herman Ng (Microsoft)
Developing Extensions for Google Chrome
Description Desc: Learn how Google Chrome makes it easy to write extensions using the web technologies you already know. This talk will describe the extension system in depth, covering the anatomy of an extension, the process model, and more.
Presenters Aaron Boodman (Google), Erik Kay (Google)
Title Building your services into Internet Explorer 8
Description In Internet Explorer 8, we’ve added new extensibility points that enable you to add your services into common user experiences involving search, favorites and copy-paste. In this talk we’ll discuss how users interact with Web Slices, Accelerators & Visual Search Suggestions and how you can build them.
Presenter Paul Cutsinger (Microsoft)
Title Taking Flight with Jetpack: Next Gen Add-ons for Firefox.
Description Learn how to write for the next generation platform of Firefox add-ons. They don't require browser restarts and can be written in under five minutes. We'll cover Jetpack best practices, security, and APIs.
Presenter Aza Raskin (Mozilla)
2:10 - 3:00
Title Mobile Firefox Add-on Development. 
Description Learn about the best practices of creating add-ons for mobile Firefox (aka  Fennec). Mark will discuss differences between desktop and mobile Firefox, ways to create mobile specific code in your add-on, and tips for using CSS and XUL to create a robust & minimal UI.
Presenter Mark Finkle, Mobile Developer / Platform Evangelist (Mozilla)
Title Cross Browser Development

Most modern browsers provide methods of extension: allowing us to add visual elements, contextual menus, access the content area, and more. While this idea of an enriched browser is exciting, the reality of creating that same experience across all of the popular browsers platforms can be a daunting task. This panel of web extension geeks will explore the question how can we "extend the browser's" without loosing our mind.


Moderated by Lloyd Hilaiel (Yahoo)

Karen Teng (AdapdiveBlue), Mike Wertheim (Surfcanyon) , Aaron Boodman (Google), Miguel Cepero (W3i)

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